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Arctic Developments and Opprtunities

Direct talk, NHK world released this editorial and interview last fall on the potential in the Arctic international collaboration and responsible development.

“Within the Arctic it’s estimated by the World Economic Forum that the investment potential is one trillion US dollars . There is a great investment power in the Asian countries including China, including Japan, including South Korea. Also there are a great interest to develop transits to the northern sea route and the Northwest Passage. International businesses need know how, guidance and access on how to operate in the Arctic. The AEC can help to provide this knowledge", says Mr. Tero Vauraste, Chairman of the AEC and President of Mariadi Oy, a Polar Maritime Consultancy Agency based in Helsinki, Finland.

The Editorial and interview is produced by In Focus Productions for NHK and is available in full length here.  #internationalbusiness #economics #investments #aec #internalization #arctic The 15 minute slot rom your time is a wortwhile journey the Arctic


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